Electrolux Cooker EKG9000A3X

Electrolux Cooker EKG9000A3X

  • EKG9000A3X
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  • Generous oven capacity to serve up a feast
  • Easily fired up with knob control
  • Classic design in high quality stainless steel
Electrolux Cooker EKG9000A3X
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This cooker is set to meet all your kitchen requirements and cooking habits. By combining a gas hob with a gas oven, you can delight in a capable quality cooker. The result? True cooking delights and happy diners.

Meeting your needs

By combining a gas hob with a gas oven, you can enjoy a capable cooker that will effortlessly meet all your requirements and cooking habits.
In the midst of cooking, convenience is key. That is why this cooker can be started up with the greatest of ease. All it takes to light up the hob or the oven is to gentle hold down the knob whilst twisting it. As a result, the gas supply will be opened and a spark will light the flame.

Easily fired up

All it takes to start up this hob and oven is a simple twist of the knob whilst pressing down the knob, so the flame will be sparked.


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