Electrolux Cooker LKR620002X

Electrolux Cooker LKR620002X

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Find the model number

The model number, underline in green, is printed on the serial plate of your appliance.

The Radiant Hob – an alternative to gas cooking

The Radiant Hob is a fast, easy-to-clean alternative to gas. Ceramic zones heat quickly and accurately for fuss-free cooking.

Circulated Cooking – for even heating in the oven

With Circulated Cooking, the fan evenly distributes heat through the top and bottom of your oven cavity. The result is more consistent, reliable cooking.

Black Enamel – durable and easy to clean

Black Enamel is the optimum material used for a cooker's cavity. Robust, durable and easy to clean, it facilitates the cooking process.

You're always on time with Minute Minder

Our Minute Minder helps you control your meals. Just set the timer and it will alert you when the time has elapsed – because a minute can make all the difference.

The Removable Glass Door – so easy to clean

With the Removable Glass Door, you can completely remove it and the glass panels, making cleaning a snap.



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