Electrolux Fabric Care EDB6120AR

Electrolux Fabric Care EDB6120AR

  • EDB6120AR
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  • Safety light guide
  • 350 ml extra large transparent water tank
  • 3-way auto-off function
Electrolux Fabric Care EDB6120AR
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Safe Safe


An iron designed to keep you safe – even when you don't think about it.The 3-way auto-off function automatically switches the iron off after 8 minutes, when it is standing upright, and after 30 seconds when it is standing on its side or face down on the soleplate. A safety light guide will let you know when the iron is about to shut off and when it is ready to iron again.
Steady and Convenient Steady and Convenient

Steady and Convenient

Iron boards can sometimes be a shaky surface. Its large rubber stand helps the 4SafetyTMPrecision to stand steady on any surface. The easy-to-fill, extra large transparent water tank (350 ml) allows you to iron longer without having to refill water - making ironing even more convenient.
Precise Precise


The stainless steel tip gives you the power to iron precisely and safely every time. Reach up to the tip of collars, below buttons, or iron around a print. Ironing is even easier with this specially made precision tip.
Efficient Efficient


A 130g powerful steam shot helps you to get rid of wrinkles at the push of a button. And the 0-40g/min variable steam, distributed evenly through the 500 holes of the sole plate, straightens your clothes fast and efficiently.



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