Electrolux Oven EOM5420AAX

Electrolux Oven EOM5420AAX

  • EOM5420AAX
(22 reviews)
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  • Wider than standard ovens for extra space
  • FoodProbe offers virtual look inside your dish
  • Safe-to-touch oven door with great insulation
Electrolux Oven EOM5420AAX
(22 reviews)
What you need when you start to get creative is plenty of flexibility. This oven is 90cm wide, giving you the extra space you need inside to cook for a party – or to fit a new shape or size of dish.

The extra space you need to suit dishes of all shapes and sizes

At 90cm wide, this oven is wider than standard ovens. So when you're cooking for a party – or using a large, specialist dish – you've got the space you need.
The best way to tell when your food has reached the right temperature is to use FoodProbe – it gives you a virtual look inside! When cooking meat, for example, you can can select 'rare', 'medium' or 'well done', and the food temperature probe will switch off the oven when the food is ready.

Get a virtual peek inside your dish

This FoodProbe gives you a virtual look inside your food so you can check on how it is cooking. What's more, it switches off the oven when your dish is ready.
The outside of this oven's door never gets more than a safe 20 degrees warmer than the rest of your home. That's because it has multiple layers of glass and a heat-reflective coating to keep the heat inside the oven where it is supposed to be! The outside stays cool, so it is always safe to touch.

The oven door that stays cool to the touch

Thanks to great insulation, the door stays cool. Never more than 20°C warmer than room temperature, it is always safe to touch.


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