Electrolux Canisters ZSC69FDT-D

Electrolux Canisters ZSC69FDT-D

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Dust&Gone - The Always Clean duster

Dust&Gone - The Always Clean duster

SuperCyclone Dust&Gone offers an innovative, electrostatic duster that is stored and cleaned inside the vacuum cleaner and, thus, always clean and ready for the next job.

The Always Clean Duster

Easier cleaning, all in one round, 2-in-1, clean those hidden corners. The vacuum cleaner, that has a new generation of feather duster, stored and self-cleaned on board the vacuum cleaner.

Fully integrated

Fully integrated, self-cleaning feather duster on board. It's special electrostatic fibre helps with excellent dust pick-up. Extendable telescopic tube and bendable tip for better reach and ease of use.



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